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 ''Free Gold'' for newbs!

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PostSubject: ''Free Gold'' for newbs!   Tue Feb 17, 2015 12:22 am

Heya fellow low levels farmers!
You would like to catch up with the other members of your coop and you think about buy gold?

!!! WAIT !!!

Did you know that you can get ''free gold'' if you are patient?  scratch

As you probably noticed, you get free gold each time you level up. The way this game is designed, you will gain levels much faster at the begening. Just keep it mind that it wont be like this forever ;p

As you progress through the first levels, you will also notice some Quests/Tasks that reward you with some gold. If I remember there is one for that ask you to get 4000 pts of reputation (missions) and one that ask you to give collectibles to your coop. This one can be tricky if you are in a coop that already have progressed in many projects.
If you really want those 20 gold tho, you can ask if you can just leave your coop, join a very low level, give collectible, leave the coop then rejoin your coop.
Of course I would'nt recommand it since collectibles are very important but the option is there. Just keep in mind that its only 20 gold.  Neutral

You will also be rewarded with some gold just buy loging in each day. Some days its exp or fertilizer. And some days its gold  sunny

So now you are thinking '' yeah thats ok so far but.... whats new? I already knew all that.''   Suspect

Ok ok but the thing I really wanted to talk bout is what you can do with those little amounts of gold so you can make more gold!
You will get a Tasks in the beggening that will ask you to use the mine. Pay 2000$+ a mining certificate and in 48h it will give you 4000$ so that 2000$ free cash.

But you will see that the mine can also take GOLD mining certificate. You pay 2000 Gold + your GOLD mining certificate and, same as above, in 48h you get 4000 Gold.
You realize... 2000 FREE GOLD! Shocked
And the cool thing is that you will get a Free Gold Mining Certificate with the mine related Tasks.  cheers

So I recommande to wait and after that you can buy the Water Tower (cost less feeds and fertilizer to produce) and the Workshop (reduce the amount of goods for production. Ex, less corn for chicken feeds)

Think about it if you don't wanna spend real cash Very Happy

Have fun and Happy farming! afro


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PostSubject: Re: ''Free Gold'' for newbs!   Sat Feb 21, 2015 8:25 pm

Tips everyone should know about. Good post, Fanfreluche. Smile
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''Free Gold'' for newbs!
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