A nice little Coop. It's clean, its neat. The water is warm. There's plenty to eat. The farmers have everything farmers might need. We are happy, quite happy indeed.
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 Research optimization

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PostSubject: Research optimization   Fri Jan 23, 2015 10:03 am

Hi Everyone!
*Here's what Countryfilly send us ingame.*

As you've read, there are some changes coming to the News section of our Coop.
We are doing this so that activities in the Coop are more streamlined and information is more centrally located.
Research information will now be posted in the News along with Project info. Once the next Research is posted, you will then be able to sign up.
Please note: ONLY sign up for the research that is posted.
Countryfilly will PM the coop once after she have posted the research.

She will do this PM notification just once so that members get used to checking the board. It will then be up to you to keep yourselves informed.
Once the posting is made, you have 3 days to sign up your researcher. Per Uncle Willy, members that have not signed up within the 3 day period will be removed from the Coop.  
Of course, there will always be open discussion and requests for suggestions for choosing a Research. This is your coop & your opinion matters.

If anyone has questions or comments, please feel free to PM Countryfilly. We have a great Coop because of our members!

Happy farming Smile


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Uncle Willy

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PostSubject: Re: Research optimization   Fri Jan 23, 2015 7:35 pm

Hi everyone, I have been thinking that perhaps 3 days is too short a time and I would like to increase that to 5 days to contribute a researcher as real life often gets in the way of our fun.
Of course there can always be exceptions, the main thing would be to communicate with someone if there is a reason you can not get a researcher when the coop needs you.
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Research optimization
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