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 Omar, The Trader

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Uncle Willy

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PostSubject: Omar, The Trader   Sat Jan 24, 2015 8:35 am

Hi, here are some tips from Kalico (Kallie to her friends) from our Australian coop about Omar , The Trader in the Bazaar.
Thank you Kallie, I hope you keep these GREAT tips coming. Cheers UW :

Omar the trader is here again. There are 2 offers that I know of that actually are BENEFICIAL if you do them.

ONE - Omar actually does give a farm cash offer at 100% discount. This means it is FREE! Just look below at the cost, it shows 0, and a present icon.

TWO - purchasing a Gold mining certificate for 1500 gold. Because it costs 2000 gold to USE a Gold mining certificate, to make 4000 gold, you actually get 500 gold for FREE. The only kicker there is that you have to have the 1500 to buy the certificate AND the 2000 gold to start it. But, once done, you will get 500 gold in profit for no extra cost.

CAUTION: this is NOT the bundled gold certificate/Wheel of Fortune tokens. That one will LOSE gold. (gets you discounted WOF (Wheel of Fortune) tokens, NOT earning gold)

Both these offers are there, BUT, you have to look at OMAR every 10 minutes to see the changes, or you might miss them.

No rhyme or reason on HOW these offers show up. RANDOM.

What is on your Omar sales is NOT what is on mine.

Hope this helps the confusion about Omar the Trader (THIS is only about Omar that shows on the main farms. On the temp island farms, different offers)

These are the only 2 offers that I know of that actually MAKE money/gold.

Omar has A LOT of different things for sale, but, buyer beware, they are NOT for free.
Now, that being said, if you WANT to spend gold, some other offers are pretty decent.

I was just talking about the ones that actually earn money/gold for free.
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Omar, The Trader
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